The next Mystic Krewe of Barkus Parade is Sunday, February 23rd, 2025

Captain's Proclamation 2022

Whereas, it is the captain's authority to call the Krewe to parade on the celebration of the only canine krewe in the world known as the Mystic Krewe of Barkus,

Whereas, the captain declares this year's theme— Barkingham Palace: Barkus is Going for the Crown, so that our canine krewe members can assemble with full intentions to display the pomp and circumstance befitting all royals, with attire gilded in gold, trimmed in military medals and dripping in canine’s crown jewels.

Much like our British counterparts, Barkus has been in service to its crown since its inception 29 years ago. Over these years, our Royals and their faithful subjects have absolutely changed the character of carnival celebrations with their dog's-eye view of Mardi Gras, and the canine revelry it creates in the City of New Orleans.

Thus, be it known, the captain hereby invests our noble King, Flash Lamar, His Majesty 29, as he leads his krewe with zest and zip that only a “Jumping Jack Flash” could, while beside his parents, Mart and Laura Lamar. His journey from puppyhood to the highest royal title in the land has been nothing short of magical. His well-rounded life allows him time in the Mississippi Delta where he can ponder sunsets and throw pinecones toward the sky, to sniffing the scents of life in the French Quarter while relaxing by his pool. His playful and joyful nature is contagious, and his generosity to those less fortunate is sure to transform the future of many other of his four-legged brethren; on this day, May His Majesty Flash Lamar always be spirited and noble, as he becomes part of canine carnival history as King Barkus 2022.

Be it known, the captain hereby appoints the splendid Queen, Mabel Bell, Her Majesty 29, as an adorable Chihuahua Mix who was languishing in a rural Louisiana shelter before being rescued by her loving mom, Ann Bell, who helped heal her medical issues and filled her heart with love. Her bright eyes illuminate with natural eyeliner and shadow, and her fashionable style rivals any supermodel. She exemplifies what Rebirth and Renaissance means, always striving to be better, gain knowledge and increase her emotional IQ. As she dines at Galatoire’s today, may she be a symbol of resilience, transformation and courage for all of her subjects, especially those unseen and unheard in shelters, unsure of their futures. May she always remain determined, kind and gracious as she reigns. In her esteemed position, she can experience material for her upcoming memoir called "Living Large in an Extra Small Designer Tea Dress." May Her Majesty 29 always be a grateful and loyal one as Queen Barkus 2022.

Thus, the captain commands all krewe members and their human companions to sniff and assemble with mirth on Sunday, February 20 at 2pm to parade from Armstrong Park in honor of all dogs who deserve their time to stomp, romp and lick freely on the grandest of grounds in the best Mardi Gras gathering of canines on Earth known as the Mystic Krewe of Barkus parade.

With absolute authority and pomp, the captain salutes King Flash Lamar and Queen Mabel Bell --- HAIL BARKUS 29!

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