The next Mystic Krewe of Barkus Parade is Sunday, February 23rd, 2025

Duchess Ti-Henna

Duchess Ti-Henna was born in 2012 in the High Desert of California, but a few months later agreed to relocate with her new attendants Charles and Ann to New York City (once they had wrapped her up snugly in a cashmere scarf). She continues to live with them in New York, but has traveled to Barkus every year since 2014 (as did her predecessor, Henna), previously as a Lucky Dog. Like all poodles, she is capable of mind-reading, mouse-hunting, levitation, plotting, and incredible charm, and can convince anyone (other than the mice) that Someone Else Must Have Done It Because You Can't Possibly Think I Did. Her hobbies are eating cheese, nesting in freshly dried clothes, and burrowing into laps and bedclothes.

She is honored to be a part of the Royal Court and intends to act with her usual dignity and grace, so hide the cheese.

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