The next Mystic Krewe of Barkus Parade is Sunday, February 23rd, 2025

Meet Our Duchesses


Duchess Bailey English is a 12 year old Australian shepherd/Border Collie/Chow Chow mix who was rescued by her mom Ellen in early 2019 from Heavenly Dog Paws in Folsom, Louisiana on the North Shore.  A special thanks goes out to Linda Joffrion who runs the facility, and found Bailey lost on the highway about to get hit by a car.

Bailey loves her brother, Detective Mittens (meow).  She adores going on long walks, sniffing everything, and saying hello to everyone.  Being a dog of a certain age, her arthritis acts up; but she swears by green lipped mussel powder and CBD oil to keep her feeling like a youngster!  Bailey had so much fun marching last year and is so excited for Barkus 2020!

All Hail, Duchess Bailey!


Duchess Princess My’iah is a 10 year old apple head chihuahua who is a registered ESA (Emotional Support Animal). She is the furbaby of Adam and Alyse Guidroz. This is her first year as a duchess, but has been in the Mystic Krewe of Barkus for six years with one of them being a Lucky Dog. Every year she is sure to be seen dressed to impress!

She absolutely loves exploring the city of New Orleans and lounging on her Uncles’ courtyard. She is the master at sniffing out every detail possible and will out lay anyone on a heating pad. She may be tiny, but surely is mighty and has overcome many obstacles. Her love for food could definitely out eat a Great Dane if put to the test. Princess My’iah is absolutely thrilled to be a part of Barkus.

All Hail, Duchess Princess My’iah!


Duchess Ti-Henna is returning to Barkus this year from New York: although she considered retirement into private life, she could not set aside her loyalty to Barkus and her duties as a member of the Royal Court, and so declined to copy Meghxit. 

As befits a toy poodle, she continues to make life entertaining for her human companions by burrowing into laps and bedclothes, napping on warm clean laundry, singing arias when her chosen minions fall short of her standards, and performing Jedi mind-tricks to obtain cheese.  To ensure quality service, she recommends using a head-tilt and, if necessary, a cold wet nose inserted in an unsuspecting ear.

All Hail, Duchess Ti-Henna! 

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