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The Story of King Java Curtis 2021

His human brother Gregory Curtis adopted his Majesty Java, an eight-year-old Shih Tzu, in October after the death of their mother, Katie Louise Curtis-Carter, due to COVID 19. During this period of adjusting, King Java has found his footing by being with his brother wherever he goes. This means he goes to work with him every day at the Windsor Court Hotel and has become a very dedicated staff member.

King Java is very comfortable at the hotel and believes that this unexpected change in his life has presented him with new thoughts about his future. He is considering whether he wants to train virtually in canine culinary arts, concierge services or hospitality management to help expand opportunities for hotels to host dogs as VIP guests.

“I know that there are hotels that do not even allow my type past the front door,” said King Java. “It makes humans leave us behind with no chance to travel with them. I see how the Windsor Court welcomes all dogs as guests without judging canines who prefer to be Velcro-connected to their people. Not only that, the Chef there never complains when I order baked chicken nuggets that are cut small for me so that I do not even need silverware,” he adds.

King Java will be reigning in honor of his Mama Katie, who would be proud of his resilience, strength and determination to overcome grief and anxiety during this pandemic. He knows there are other displaced dogs who need to know they are not alone. King Java is a symbol of hope who wants his subjects to accept themselves as they are and, most importantly, to know they are eternally lovable.

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