The next Mystic Krewe of Barkus Parade is Sunday, February 23rd, 2025





King Edward VII Bloomenstiel of the French Quarter, New Orleans, His Majesty XXVIII.

King Edward VII “Eddy”, who is the son of Cheryl and Don Bloomenstiel, was once a sickly, hairless and homeless dog at a shelter in Wisconsin in need of a special human to take care of his numerous ailments. His mom gladly accepted the challenge to nurse him back to health. She gave him a loving home and a future as the noblest of all canines. King Eddy is a longhaired Chihuahua who is a mere four pounds, but his will is mighty.

Like many Barkus Kings before him, King Eddy has no formal education and has no clue about his bio family. Such matters are not important to him because he now has a life with his mom that he never imagined was possible. He travels regularly and racks up frequent flyer miles like treats. King Eddy is wise in the ways of the world and considers himself a graduate of the School of Life. His transition into the title of His Majesty will be smooth as he has been treated like a king since his adoption.

King Eddy’s custom-made wardrobe will feature monogrammed shirts, a tuxedo jacket, and a coronation cape and mantle fashioned after the one King Edward VII wore at his coronation. His crown is also like King Edward VII’s crown (just smaller). The jackets will have Hart Shaffner Marx labels attached inside as a nod to the company founded by his human family. Hart Shaffner Marx has been distinctively dressing men for over 130 years, yet this will be the first time that a Royal canine will wear this label. His cuff links and tuxedo buttons will be made of 14-carat gold and he will carry an 18-carat gold pocket watch, both of which are family heirlooms.

“I am proud to channel the spirit of King Edward VII for my reign and appreciate that my posse has not overlooked one detail to make this experience as authentic as possible," says King Eddy. "I want to respect Royal history while I am making Royal history," he adds.

King Eddy promises to be a monarch who is a force of resilience and a symbol of hope for his subjects waiting for a home. When his reign is over, he plans to publish his memoirs about being a king.

All Hail King Eddy!!!



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