The next Mystic Krewe of Barkus Parade is Sunday, February 23rd, 2025

King Bentley Burton Jurgens, His Majesty XXXI

Bentley Burton Jurgens, a soon to be four-year-old blue tri English Bulldog, will reign as His Majesty XXXI, King Barkus 2024. Bentley’s human parents are George (Jack) Burton Jurgens III and Linda Rodehorst Jurgens.

Bentley became part of the Jurgens family in September, 2020 when he was adopted from Best Bud Bullies located in Mandeville, Louisiana. At that time Bentley was 6 months old and weighed 30 lbs. He has grown into a 68 lbs. regal bulldog.

The names of all of the Jurgens’ dogs have begun with the letter B. To continue that tradition, Linda thought it would be good to name this bulldog Bentley, which had been the name of the teddy bear of the Jurgens’ son. The name is perfect because Bentley the Bulldog was and remains cuddly just like Bently the Teddy Bear. Linda then added Burton as his middle name.

As is the case with all bulldogs, two of Bentley’s favorite activities are sleeping and eating. But he also loves to sprint through the Jurgens’ yard and jump over 8-inch dwarf hedges to the point of exhaustion.

Bentley believes his calling in this life is to make sure the members of his family are all happy and upbeat. Every morning, Bentley will go from Jurgens to Jurgens to make sure everyone is good. If he senses someone is a bit down, he will put his paw on that family member’s arm to let him know everything is OK. Bentley will bring this spirit and love to his reign as King Barkus 2024.

All HAIL BARKUS XXXI, King Bentley Burton Jurgens!!!

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